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Recently, the evolution of the hemp industry reached a critical point where the delivery method of CBD was revolutionized.  Enter the age of Nano Technology and more specifically,  nano-emulsification. 

Nano-emulsification is a process in which molecules are hit with ultrasonic waves to break them down into much smaller particles known as nanoparticles.  These nanoparticles are a fraction of the original molecule size which produce a number of benefits which we will further explore.  ‍

Benefits of Nano-CBD:

  1. Bioavailability -  Bioavailability is a term that refers to the ‘availability factor’ of a substance upon ingestion and is the #1 most important factor in determining the effectiveness of any CDB product. The human body is predominantly made of water.  We as a species are ‘water-soluble’ and as such, ingesting oil requires our bodies to process it through our digestive system in order to draw nutrients etc.  Traditionally, CBD is delivered in a host oil like olive oil, coconut oil or other.  Because of this, our bodies have to break down that oil in order to extract the benefits of CBD.  

In the case of Nano-CBD, because the particles are broken down to such a small microscopic size, they become ‘water soluble’ and can thus essentially take a short-cut into the bloodstream.  Nano-CBD can be absorbed in mucus and the esophagus where most of the CBD enters directly into the bloodstream.  By bypassing the digestive track all together, there is a higher throughput of CBD benefit that biologically cannot be achieved with oil.  

  1. Consistent Dosing - Due to the high Bioavailability of Nano-CBD, a lower overall dose is required to achieve the desired effect.  In oil based CBD, the variation of low bioavailability can cause consumers to have to ‘test’ out multiple brands. Even when one achieves an acceptable effect, the overall waste of CBD in the digestive system also means more frequent need to purchase new CBD. With Nano-CBD the ability to absorb and achieve the desired effect comes in much smaller doses.  This is both better for the body, helps promote muscle recovery much sooner and is more cost effective. 
  1. Longer Shelf-Life - The shelf life of Nano-CBD is more than twice that of oil based CBD.  It also has less of a chance of going bad because in oil there is a massive variation of the quality of oil used.  If bad or unfiltered oil is used, it can ‘spoil’ in adverse conditions or drastically shorten the shelf life even under ideal conditions. 

For these main reasons, Hele Fitness has worked in conjunction with one of the best producers of Nano-CBD products to bring our customers a vetted, organic and lab certified product that helps with muscle recovery.  Due to the evolving regulations surrounding CBD, we are unable to sell it directly through our Shopify site, so if you want to purchase any of these products you can click the link below to go to our Square site.  


*CBD products are federally legalized as long as they maintain less than 0.3% THC 


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