Our New Guam Logo

Community Fitness logo

We are proud to release our new logo for Hele Fitness Guam.  We needed to preserve our signature helmet while attributing some design elements that are specifically Chamorro.  Taking inspiration from the sling stone silhouette, we designed a new logo that is distinctly for Guam, while preserving the colors and brand mark of Hele Fitness.

We felt it was also important for us to also represent our mantra 'embrace your inner mana' which in many forms, can mean to harness the inner warrior spirit.  The shark teeth on the edges of the Guam logo represent a common item used in both ancient Chamorro and Hawaiian weaponry.  The two dark lines symbolize the importance of alignment between the person we are to the world and the person we are within ourselves.  We believe that through fitness, through struggle and pain, comes growth and a stronger connectivity with out true-selves.  It is as much about overcoming the physical challenges as it is about strengthening the inner fortitude to persevere and meet the hardships of life with confidence and purpose.           

We will be releasing some new products on Guam to highlight the new logo and allow our customers, patrons and partners to represent Hele Fitness Guam! 

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